After 2 Weeks, How has Mixer Held Up?

On May 25th, 2017, Beam was rebranded to Mixer, and along with a refreshed name and logo, a lot of changes were made. Two weeks have past since, and there have been many ups and downs since the rebranding.

As many of you may know, many Beam users were given gifts for participating before the rebrand. For those of you who do not know, these were the gifts given:

  • Level 10+
    • A 1-month subscription code to any partnered streamer.
    • A Beam “OG” badge on their profile page (it is the old beam logo but in gold).
  • Level 50+
    • All the stuff from the 10+.
    • A 1-year subscription to Mixer Pro.
    • 50k sparks.

Who doesn’t like new stuff?

Along with the rebrand, many things were tweaked, as well as added. One of the major additions is the ability to “costream”. Costreams allow 2-4 Mixer streamers to share 1 page and 1 central chat, eliminating the need to 3rd party sites to handle a group of streamers. As they share a centralized chat, mods from 1 of the channels will be a global mod for all the streams. This means any commands set for mod only use can be triggered by mods from the other channels in the costream. Additionally, if you are banned from one channel before the costream, you will not be able to participate in the costream. If you get banned during a co stream, you will only be banned from the channel that banned you after the costream ends. This, however, has not come without some issues. Some streamers that I know have mentioned that after the end of a costream, their chats were linked, and unlinked randomly after a few days. This appears to have been fixed, as I have only seen it happen twice.

In addition to costreaming, Mixer announced the beta of their new app, Mixer Create for Android and iOS. As of 6/8/17, I have not been able to find a link to the iOS app, as it is still in a closed beta. The Mixer Create app allows you to stream to mixer from your smartphone. The app allows you to change the title and game of your stream, as well as well as see some statistics (sparks, followers and subs). There is also a chat tab where you can monitor your chat. Here is the Android UI:

Third on the list, is Mixer’s Channel One. According to mixer, “Channel One is an always-on, moderated channel of content that lets you see what’s happening across Mixer… There’s always something new on Channel One”. Channel One showcases game releases, events, esports updates, and tips for streamers.

The fourth addition is Crowd Play from Telltale Games. As many already know, Telltale’s games tend have a large amount of choice making, and as Mixer is an interactive platform, a few games will have the option to hook into your stream’s interactive settings, and allow viewers to select what choices are made in game. According to the Mixer blog, the following games are supported:

  •  “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series”
  • “The Walking Dead: A New Frontier”
  • “BATMAN: The Telltale Series”

So, after Mixer rose from Beam’s ashes two weeks ago, we have seen the community grow and flourish with many new ways to stream and interact with viewers. I hope Mixer can keep all of this going as well as it is right now, and that Mixer continues to grow as a community.

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