Elite Dangerous Things: From 5.11 to 5.15

Last weeks CG, which means Community Goal, was to assist The Canonn Interstellar Research Group in constructing the first player group owned Megaship. Canonn is a science player group that does science things in the game. They mostly study the Unknown Artifacts and related things, such as Thargoids. The mentioned Megaship will be named Gnosis and it’ll be located, for now, in the Pleiades Nebula. Which just so happens to be where all the Thargoid sightings have been, perfect for the science group.

Since then, the Trade portion of the CG has finished early Sunday. It was also extended to Tier 10, cause of how quick the community pulled together to work on it! The Bounty portion of the CG is still active, get on that. 😉

The M67 Anaconda Graveyard was added recently to commemorate the Distant Stars Expedition of 3303 (this year). You can find the graveyard at HD 76133 1 C around these coords: 23.7 / 81.5. This event consisted of around 200 players. They reached a system that you couldn’t return from, that was the expedition main objective. Which was: The M67 system. Can be reached with great FSDs and the use of neutron stars. The only way back was to self-destruct the ship.

Distant Stars Expeditions are player ran events to help map the galaxy within the game. These are organized by CMDR Dr. Kaii. He does these often, if I recall. Also. Last I heard about the % of the Galaxy Map discovered, it was still under 1% discovered.

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