So, first things first. Expect a little shakeup from time to time as I work out the best format for this. Part of that is that I’m going to be culling out some of the obvious losers from kickstarter. By losers I mean the projects that are very low effort or the ones that promise the moon and stars on a shoestring budget, or offer next to nothing for an exorbitant sum.

Hopefully the changes I’m making are for the best and you enjoy the article. Part of getting this article right is going to be the need for feedback, so if there’s something that you like or something you think I’m missing please leave a comment or hit me up on discord with your idea. With that said, let’s get to what you clicked on the header for.

Shit For Brains
A bit of a mix between Cards Against Humanity and trivial pursuit, Shit For Brains looks like it might be the next great party game assuming it gets funded and catches on. It comes with 6 decks of 100 cards each and each turn the player rolls a d6 and an opponent reads the question. Fairly simple concept which should work even when the players are super wasted. This is a project I wouldn’t mind backing but I’m a fan of easy and fun party games. The tiers are nothing special, consisting of multiple copies of the game. They’re trying to raise $25,000 by June 11th, and are currently at $16,000

Inspiration: A Storytelling Improv Card Game
A storytelling game. The Fae Queen has thrown a great competition for storytellers and has promised the winner a prize from her own collection. At the start of a round after a Judge is chosen, the active player chooses two art cards, then the player to their left chooses an art card and a subject card to add to the active player’s hand, then that player uses those to tell a story. I’m backing this myself at the Poet level, as I love creative games like this. This is the creators first kickstarter, and they’re trying to reach $13,000 by June 13th.

Manhattan Project 2: Minutes to Midnight
“It has been 20 years since the invention of the atomic bomb, and the superpowers of the world have remained embroiled in an ever-escalating arms race.” Minutes to Midnight is the sequel to the first Manhattan Project which has long been on Board Game Geek’s top 200 list. This game however adds several new ways to win as well as quite a few different ways to play the game. I have high hopes for this game and right now it’s more than fully funded. The creator is a kickstarter veteran, having done 26 previous kickstarters. They have until June 13th to finish any stretch goals.

Rise of the Necromancers
Have you ever played Risk or Diplomacy and wished you could just rip your opponent apart with zombies or ghosts? Or blast them int he face with a magic spell? Well, Sore Loser Games has you covered. Rise is a game of making your Necromancer and his apprentice stronger and ultimately destroying your enemy. This is their first kickstarter, and they’re looking to raise $42,000 by June 14th.

The Veil: Cascade, a post-cyberpunk roleplaying game
For this game you’ll need The Veil RPG, which is an Apocalypse system game that can be found as a free RPG. Cascade is a setting/supplement for The Veil which offers more archetypes and their playbooks, and plugins for those archetypes which help you guide your characters growth. This is the creators second kickstarter, and they’re looking for $4,044 by June 12th

It’s Just A Theory – The Conspiracy Themed Card Game
Confession time. I love conspiracy theories. Some of them are just so completely ridiculous you can’t help but be entertained by the madness. This may be Laughing Lizard Games first kickstarter but I think they have a hit on their hands here. This is a game where players try to make the craziest conspiracy theory. This is the companies first kickstarter, and they’re trying to raise $8,420 by June 16th.

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