Shy’s Stuff: Upcoming things for Warframe!

YO! What’s up, been awhile since I did these. I did them quite often on tumblr (shameless plug) and just kinda stopped. Things happen…

ANYWAY! We got to see some pretty cool things this Saturday during TennoCon 2017. What’s TennoCon? A convention just for Warframe fans! A whole day of super cool things to do, sneak peeks at upcoming content and so on. At the end of the event, they do a devstream. Dropping the biggest news on new things. We got to see the next big update, Plains of Eidolon. Then a teaser of the next cinematic story quest update, The Sacrifice.

At the Art Panel. They showed off a couple of things. Like Nami & Skyla Prime and a handful of new weapons. A new Prime Armor. A Tenno ship and Sentient Outposts.

Hydroid Prime! (*cough* Samurai Pirate) He’ll also be getting a rework aswell. Details on that is unknown for now.

The next Warframe! She’s a glass themed warrior. Reflections, smashing, creating and molten glass, pretty much. No name at the moment.

Now that’s out of the way. Lets get to the meat and potatoes. :v

PLAINS OF EIDOLON! Probably the coolest reveal. Maybe second coolest. Plains of Eidolon is a piece of open world map right outside a new “relay” called Cetus. Cetus is located on Earth, seems to be a desert area too. I kid you not, I saw people saying that Cetus is a whole new planet. ಠ_ಠ

At Cetus, you’ll find shops and quests to go on out in the plains. Or just go out and explore, collect new resources and what not. These resources are used to craft stuff at the vendors. So that’ll be fun. There’s even a vendor where you can make your own weapon and name it!! How you make your weapon will also affect how it crits and other statistics. That’s pretty neat. Oh. You can even get things for your Operator. Stuff like gear sets, that have stats and what not. Again, how you build those will affect stats. You’ll also see a weapon with your Operator, howyoubuilditwillaffectstats. Basically a “focus gun”. Oh, there will be some stuff done to the focus system. A vendor for companion stuff too?! Yep.

The plains itself is super neature. I might be wrong, but it did see Steve say 9km for the map size on twitter. It’ll have mountains, camps, hidden camps and hidden caves. At night, there’s something really big and bad. So bad, that even the Grineer run. The Eidolon. A Sentient being that was thought to be dead awakes at night and stomps the land. Cool. You can either run away to safety. Or pick a fight with it. It’ll be multistage battles and apparently super challenging.

Some gameplay and, probably better, explanations of things!

The Sacrifice is the 3rd cinematic quest for the game. With the focus being on the Warframe for a change. This quest will bring lore about a VERY long awaited frame. Excalibur Umbra. We’ve been waiting for this one since 2015, with the Chinese release. So at that time, Excalibur Umbra was on a time exclusive contract. It only took so long cause DE wanted to introduce him in a very very special way.

Excalibur Umbra is a separate frame with unique stats and polarities, what they are is unknown. Along with any other unique things that it might have. Thinking back many devstreams, I recall hearing that the Umbra’s have a pretty dark story. That’ll be fun to learn about. Lol By the way, Umbra is indeed a series of frames. I kinda imagine them as a clan.  

Here’s the teaser~
That’s it for now! Sorry if I missed anything.

Have a great rest of the week and a great weekend!^^/

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