Stack-Up Charity

Our very own jcole786 is having a charity livestream to support the charity Stack-Up ( Taking place on the 27th of this month at 4pm EST.

The Stack-up charity is a charity that supports veterans by supplying the with games and gives them the opportunity to visit the PAX gaming convention. In the charity livestream, there will be a UHC in teams of three. If you’re interested in taking part then put your team of two on the following sign-up sheet:

Teamspeak: casanirvana. tserverhq. com, IP Will be given out before event Team Name, Minecraft IGN( For Whitelist), Stream Links, UHC Info: Commentator, jcole786,, Chosen Teams of 2 Itsknowy, Gamemodes: Cutclean, Risky Retrieval 80 mi…

We also be doing a gameshow at 11am est till 2pm est follow by mini games till 3 pm est.
Check out jcole786’s fundraiser for on Tiltify. We wanted to help support them in efforts to help troops and help wounded vets to go to like cons and show a community how much we respect our veterans.

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