The Fabld Streamer Show

Hi guys and my fellow GWOL members!~ I’m your fellow streamer “TheFabldone” on Mixer!

I’ve had a wonderful time streaming on and with it growing to Mixer.

I’m aiming to help others promote and increase their viewership by setting up interviews on “The Fabld Streamer Show”.

The Fabld Streamer Show is a web show dedicated to interview/network on the fly with the chosen interviewee, as well as getting their viewers to see a unique side of them by light conversation, upcoming stream goals, and overall their streaming inspirations. To ensure that all can watch “The Fabld Streamer Show” it will start running bi-weekly during the summer 2017 and is a Family Friendly broadcast.

Sorry for the post being very longwinded! I hope that we can work together on scheduling future interviews with all my team members~!

If interested, Direct Message me on Twitter/Discord or Catch me on stream on Mixer!

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